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The Scottish Board Game

Stramash is a fantastic game of tactics, strategy and ruthlessness. Very simple to learn but tricky to master. With an ingeniously flexible board the game is suitable for two to six players from the age of 8 to awfy auld!

It’s cunningly simple and simply cunning!

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The Game

Stramash is a classic chase game where the aim is to get your five Laddies (marbles) from your Dock (start) to the safety of your Castle (finish).

Stramash has two major features which distinguish it from other games. Firstly, by using individual Mashies (board pieces) depending on the number of players, rather than a flat four-sided board, the game has the flexibility to ensure maximum interaction between the players which all adds to the fun.

Secondly, by using playing cards and having a choice of six possible moves every turn, you’re able to play a strategic game rather than relying on just one choice dictated by the roll of the dice. This makes the game much more intellectually entertaining and challenging.


As you move your Laddies around the board you can scupper your opponents by landing on their Laddies and sending them back to their Dock by selecting your moves from your hand. Or you may decide to delay knocking back your opponents until you think you have even more of an advantage.

You can also try convincing other players to land on a different opponent rather than you…that may just work…or they may remember that you did the dirty on them previously. But everyone needs to stop the player who’s winning from actually winning…if they can.

Each game you play will be different. It’s very easy to learn but the combinations of cards, players, circumstances and strategies are infinite.

Stramash will give you many hours of happy, fun, entertainment with family and friends for years to come. What’s better than sitting round a table together and having a real good laugh with those closest to you…and giving them a right good Stramashing in the process?